A Cheesy Affair: Cheese App for Turophiles

Do you Love cheese? I'm in the middle of designing a really great (grate!) cheese app for all you 'Turophiles' out there (a connoisseur of cheese/ cheese lover) and would welcome any ideas that you would like to be included.

Most people have a go-to cheese, but do you find that you are stuck on Cheddar or gaga for Gouda? As a cheese maker myself and having judged at the International Cheese Awards in Nantwich in 2016 (over five thousand cheeses were entered) I wanted to share my passion and knowledge with you and an app these days seems to be the way to go.

Something old (aged). something new (young), something soft and something blue.

Are you ever stuck in the cheese aisle wanting to try something new? My app will guide you to understand cheeses from different geographies and regions. For instance, North Wales is home to some fabulous cheesemakers, making everything from Gouda to Feta, Caerphilly to Blue and I'm looking to include cheeses from around the world.

Nothing sparks ideas more than being confronted with contradiction, healthy criticism, a spirited debate, maybe a bit of competition. Send me your ideas on what features you would want included in a cheese app by leaving me a message on my website.. and you may win yourself a cheese hamper in the process!

Cheese improves the flavour of life!


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