'The Kings Garden' Chutney

First Christmas stall of the year this evening! I had a table next to Isa who owns 'The Kings Garden' - fabulous name! Based in Denbighshire North Wales, she produces all her home sown, home grown preserves. Indeed, the Pear and Apple Chutney was a perfect combination with my Camembert. Lots of cheese tasting tonight and it was good to get some great feedback and see people's faces when they tasted 'Morwenna' - I wish I could have captured it!

Isa was telling me that she loves growing her own produce and didn't want to waste any (thank goodness) so that's how she started her business. Apart from chutney she also makes marmalade and lemon curd (eggs from her chickens) which of course I had to purchase. I've had chickens in the past and we were talking about how they have their own little personalities. We agreed that we were going to help each other by promoting each others products. So, Isa's chutney will be one of the products being added to my online shop very soon...

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