Guild of Cheese Grading. Cheese, cheese and more cheese.

I have consumed so much cheese in the last two days I'm afraid to jump on the scales. The reason for this? I have just completed a two day course with the Guild of Cheese Graders in Oswastry and lost count of the number of cheeses we tried - it's been fabulous!

We started by understanding our palate and trying to identify the five basic tastes from each sample, ranging from sweet to umami - it was harder then you think. We then all had a go at using a cheese iron and now understand what we should be looking for when selecting a good cheese.

Nine other people were on the course, all with very different backgrounds; buyers, owners of farms, cheesemongers and cheese makers. A few of us ventured into town and carried on our cheese conversations over a drink (or two) in the local drinking establishment, followed by a visit to a stunning Italian restaurant; which apparently used to be an old Presbyterian Church - complete with organ, called Lepone’s.

On Day 2 we covered cheddars, blues and French cheeses. Thank you to Bruce MacDonald who delivered the course and presented us with our certificates. Overall it was an informative, interesting, calorific and fun two days. Can't wait for the next one.

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